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Domestic and International Shipping

Working with one company everywhere can get your business down with a simple mistake!

We Ship your packages using the top carrier partners and we choose the most suitable one for each shipment.

We take care of your shipments domestically in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Turkey, and Egypt. We work with different trusted couriers in each country and we dispatch your product using our simple auto-perform process, with the help of our technology system we dispatch your shipments with the best shipper depending on each region, city, or country. We also have our own warehouses and derivers mainly in KSA covering 8 main cities and KUWAIT covering the capital and its suburbs.

Using our own dispatching formula can help you save a lot of money and hustle,

 we perform high delivery rates in the mosts difficult countries, up to 40% average shipments get delivered the first 48H, and majority of our client partners get a high rate of 65% to 80% delivery rate depending on the location. a very low return rate can increase your profit margin like you can’t imagine.


We offer international shipping service from CHINA to UAE, CHINA to KSA, and from UAE TO KSA so our customers can also benefit from good flexibility when selling high ticket items, all goods are shipped one by one by air transportation, 5-12 days delivery times depending on the customer location.

we also take care of paying custom clearance, duty fee and vat of your international shipments.

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